Include this line in your Gemfile, which you'll find in the root folder of your app:
# Gemfile
gem "draft_generators", :git => "", :branch => "spring-2019"
bundle install


To generate a complete, database-backed Golden Seven web resource:
For example,
rails generate draft:resource photo source:string caption:text
  • The model name must be singular.
  • Separate column names and datatypes with colons (NO SPACES).
  • Separate name:type pairs with spaces (NO COMMAS).
In other words, the format of the command is exactly the same as when you were generating only a model and table, but model is replaced with draft:resource.
Note: rails g is short for rails generate, like s for server and c for console.
Run the command rails db:migrate to execute the instructions that the generator wrote for us to create the new table.

If you generated something mistaken:

  • If you already rails db:migrated, then first
rails db:rollback to undo just the most recent migration. If you didn't rails db:migrate after you generated the resource, then no need to do this step.
  • Next,
rails destroy draft:resource photo
will remove all the files that it previously added. You can then re-generate from scratch.

Application Layout

To generate an application layout file that includes links to Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and some boilerplate markup for a nav bar and alert messages, run the command
rails g draft:layout
<THEME> can either be blank, or the name of any Bootswatch (downcase), e.g., cerulean.
It will warn you that it is going to overwrite your existing application.html.erb -- say yes if you are sure that's okay. Copy out any important stuff if necessary, to be re-pasted back in.

Making Changes

That's it! You now have a solid starting point to work from.
If you decide, however, to add a new column, then you'll have to go in and edit all of the relevant files by hand.
There's no magic to this generator; all it did was automate the tedium of building The Golden Seven boilerplate by hand. From here on out, it's up to you.
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